EHS Policy

Committed to human life, earth and environment.

BEST has experience and ability to design a wide range of building materials to meet specific requirements of our customers. We have Fully equipped in-house laboratory to ensure consistent supply of good quality of concrete. By taking various methods like regular survey, inspection in each interval of time etc. Best has its own rock sand mix designs from 3 mm to 20 mm providing a wide range and can also work on best design mixes as specified by the customer.

Our Initiatives

At BEST we adhere to the concept of a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come, whilst achieving a stable economic development. With this focus in mind, the Best Group made a firm commitment to the best of environment protection.

Our Green Initiative at its Best

The Best Group has constituted Project Groups at the project, regional and corporate centre level to carry out specific environmental related functions. These groups initiate and sustain measures to mitigate, monitor and control the impact of project implementation on the environment.

Our Environmental Policy

Our vision is to continue to be an environmentally responsible organization making continuous improvements in the management of the environmental impact of our operations. For this we adopt an Integrated Environment Management approach, which focuses on People, Technology and Facilities, supported by Management Review Group (MRG) as the prime driver of the Environment Management Policy Initiative.


In a nutshell the environmental vision encompasses the following objectives:

  • The efficient & optimum utilization of available resources
  • The Minimization of Waste
  • The Maximization of ash Utilization
  • The providing and maintaining of green belts all around production zone.

Resource Conservation

With better awareness of the Ecology and our working environment, the Best Group continually looks for innovative and cost – effective solutions to reduce wastes and preserve natural resources.

Afforestation Drive

A continual Afforestation drive in Mines, Plants & Township areas and all along road is undertaken to improve overall environment and as a safeguard against pollution. Local plant species have been chosen in accordance with the soil quality, fertility & also in consultation with DFO and the survival rate. The Group has not limited this plantation drive only to Thrissur basis but has spread this across its all project sites taking the trees planted. Besides this, ecologically sensitive Mangroves are planted in Hectares of coastal areas.

Water Conservation

Old mines reservoir four nos. for collection of rain water and stored water is being used for gravel screening process and washing purpose. Presently stored water quantity is 12.14 lakh m3, this collected rain water is used throughout the year. Each rainwater drop is conserved in the plant by an innovative garland canal. The collected water is diverted into reservoir situated in Mines and crushing units. Four Rain Water harvesting bodies covering nearly 28.0 hectares have been developed in Mines area. Similarly, at Group’s Cochin Blue Metals plant in Kottayam, the company has developed two ponds for rain water harvesting and the quantity of rain water being collected near the plants.

Noise Pollution

The noise pollution from turbine, conveyor, fans centrifugal pumps electric motors etc is kept least with proper design below the permissible limit of 85 dB at 1 mt away from the source.

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