• Fully automated lamination unit which is specialized for pvc film laminates.
  • Best and only cost-effective laminates in the market.
  • Almost 30 to 40% cheaper to its alternative laminates like that of veneer and mica.
  • BESTLAM ranges from 0.14 to 0.16 mm thickness which is highly durable, less prone to scratches and completely waterproof.
  • Available in an array of multiple shades and textures, with laminates for almost every type of boards (Pvc foam board, plywood, mdf, hdf etc), and used in all surface table tops, doors, wardrobes and counters to reception desks and furniture.
  • Exclusively designed to suit your style and wish.
  • We ensure careful monitoring of all steps in the manufacturing process to bring you the best quality innovation from time to time, keeping the goal in mind to create exceptional décor

  • Date
    January 08, 2018
  • Client
    DynamicLayers Company
  • Project Type
    Contruction, Building
  • Project Director
    Jhon Castellon