Best Trading Company also acts as Clearing and Forwarding agent. Driven by a bunch of able professionals, BTC has always been able to ensure competitive prices, best services and latest commodities.

  • Best Granites manufacturers Aggregates for Concrete and Aggregates for Mortar that ensure high quality ready-mix concrete, concrete products and asphalt.
  • Produced from meticulous quarrying, preparing and sorting of raw materials.
  • Best Granites offers an extensive range of Aggregates.
  • Substantial stocking capabilities.
  • A massive aggregate library which facilitates easy selection of best aggregates.
  • Has been a part of many key projects in Kerala, with timely supply of aggregates.

  • Date
    January 08, 2018
  • Client
    DynamicLayers Company
  • Project Type
    Contruction, Building
  • Project Director
    Jhon Castellon